Yap [Wa'ab]

It's unclear if the merchants of Yap already had an online shop. But at some point they realized what most societies realize. They needed something that everyone agrees you can use to sell your stuff online.

Links to our Reference Shop: foret-enchantee.de forêt-enchantée.com, la-foret-enchantee.de, la-foret-enchantee.com

On the island of Yap, a state of Micronesia, rocks are used as currency.

Each rock’s worth is based on its size and its history (where it came from). Though US dollars have now started to be used for everyday purchases on the island, rocks are still used for ceremonial transactions (during weddings, for example). Yap also uses turmeric, shells and cloth as official currency.


Feature Highlights

Here you can see some rough highlights of the current development until today the 31st of March, 2021. I will not provide informations about used programming languages, libraries, IDE's or something like that, not yet at least. But one thing you can be sure of, there is no PHP at all and no 3rd-party integrations will be made. Any feature will be fully implemented in-house for reasons like safety and performance.

Cluster - Worker based multi-processing architecture

  • Automatically Scaling Resources And Load Balancing
  • Http / (Secure) Http2 Server Software using single or multiple virtual domains with dedicated or shared ports
  • Cap's to work with Private and Public Ports
  • Dynamic Domain, Host Alias and SSL Certificate Management
  • Client Session Sharing And Resumption
  • Server Access Modes to set Server online - otionally with HTTP authentification - or in mainteanance
  • Self-guarding and Pre-Failure-Detection Features and Messaging
  • DoS-Attacks Detection And Defense

Application Server - Serving the Merchant's Applications and Services

  • Stacked plugins extending, overriding or inheriting features from their predecessors within the stack